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we help you create your own unique online experiences with film, website design and online branding

We build visual experiences on the web like websites & apps and help you create or improve your visual identity that you showcase to the world.  In collaboration with behaviour experts and graphic designers, we craft products that inspire and are of value. We believe that every project is unique and should be tailor-made with passion.

Every cool and inspiring company needs a custom website as cool and inspiring as the company itself. At uniq.design, we create unique custom website experiences for medium sized businesses by mixing three important elements together.

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Explore the way we work through this selected client case: Optimaal Talent. Read all about the creative work we did like online graphic design of models, illustrations for a printed book and shooting educational promotion films.

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With a lot of delight, we look back at the collaboration with Jimmy. Due to a visual change of our brand identity, it was necessary to also change our training models accordingly. It's impressive to see how Jimmy designed these models to an extend that they are usable both for our daily work and marketing purposes. For our e-learning modules, Jimmy filmed and edited our films on a professional level. This was a valuable addition to the e-learning modules which make the theory of the modules simple and unambiguous. During the project, Jimmy shared his thoughts very well. His ideas and advises were an eye-opener for us.

- Viktor, Stephen and Marjan (Team Optimaal Talent BV)