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why we do it

Although uniq.design is a company that’s registered with the chamber of commerce, we don’t act quite commercial. We’re art-driven rather than income-driven. Read more about the why of Jimmy's uniq.design below.

i ❤️ beautiful things

Beautiful and functional design makes me feel good, makes me feel happy. I get very excited when I see beautiful design. It makes me want to create! Building a strong visual identity for brands with all of my partners gets me to flourish 🚀

Jimmy on a rock

here to help
you out

Being helpful to other people is one of my core drives. My starting point. I want to help starting businesses with everything in the field of their online presence and I want to help other designers or creators with their passion ❤️

Jimmy in an online call

room for improvement

If you find yourself in a situation where there’s no room for growth and personal development, you need to get out. I think there’s always room for improvement and that also applies to your website or your visual brand in general 👨💻

iPad with customer journey

curiosity is key

I’m a very curious person. I'm always learning and trying to improve and grow both personal and with the business. My area of interests is very wide and I like to to a lot of different things at the time. 🧭

Jimmy observing a card sorting

a word from...

Thanks to Jimmy from uniq.design I now have an amazing website on which my personality is 100% radiated. Communication was really clear and he always helps out in the thought processes. I would recommend him to everyone who is looking to create a custom website!

arjan - discoveryourflow.nl