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how we do it

A combination of user experience, uniqueness, designability and a mix of science & art.

the ux
sweet spot

The sweet spot in user experience design is right in the centre of this model. Roughly these three terms have an effect on user experience. The mix between what users want and expect, what your goals are with your business and how far technology goes and will go.

The user experience model

templates are not unique

Do you feel as if all those standard templates on do-it-yourself website builders look alike? They do. We don’t make use of templates, because we think it’s important to adjust the content and design on your website to the needs of your customers (users). For the best results, we know what psychological elements are making users convert.

Sketch on paper


There’s a number of design patterns that we use to create the best online experiences on websites. From the definition of different colours to the Gestalt Laws, to reading directions, they all have impact on the usability and experience of your website.

knowledge stack

psychology of interaction design

Psychology is an important element in the field of interaction and user experience design. We take into account all the effects of visual perception, the human memory, the consequences of learning and decision-making, hand eye coordination and also the experience of time. Our perception is biased!

psychology users' visual flow

uniq playing field

Custom design is what uniq.design is all about. The bigger the playing field, the more unique capabilities it brings in terms of design but above all, the better your needs are fulfilled.

uniq.design playing field

a mix of science and art

If you’d ask us, online experiences should be a piece of art. When 20 years ago, websites were mostly made for functional and information purposes, it is different today. For years, the trend about online branding and art has a wide audience. Something you can experience is often interactable, so it should be usable and useful too. We try to have the best balance between art and science.

Jimmy's mix of science and art

Every cool and inspiring company needs a custom website as cool and inspiring as the company itself. At uniq.design, we create unique custom website experiences for medium sized businesses by mixing three important elements together.