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discoveryourflow - the netherlands

education films and graphic design

December 2021

collaboration: -

project by: Optimaal Talent



The company Optimaal Talent (EN: optimal talent) is a training & coaching company that builds teams and talents. They help you and your team excellerate. The two brothers Viktor and Stephen and their partners are currently close to their 20th anniversary which is how the need for a celebration grew the past year. It all started with their new book called “Blij(f) Wendbaar” (EN: Stay/happy agile) and in that vein, the company wanted to offer their customers coaching sessions and lessons online which we helped them with on the creative field.

what we did

• illustrations for a book
• promotion films
• podcast audio editing
• graphic illustrations for web
• education films

illustrations for the book

In the period of the past 20 years, Optimaal Talent had collected and made a lot of models, illustrations, and other graphics in all kinds of shapes, colours and sizes. And when seeing it all together, was quite incomprehensible. Therefore, we created a digital library with a vast set of colours, fonts, lines and line widths to recreate every graphic that they wanted to use in their new book Blij(f) Wendbaar. And since the cover was already decided to be green - we obviously went along.

Brand colours from images

book promotion films

When the book — with all its neatly designed models and graphics — was ready and printed, we could start promoting it. Boom, the company where the book was published launched a small campaign on their channels but we wanted to do more. To really prove that this book is a must-read for a very wide audience, we first helped them film and edit a webinar video. After the webinar — which was launched on the internet as a limited offer to get a deep dive in the theory of the book — we also created shorter films where three authors introduced themselves and give a short introduction to the book to get people interested and excited.

The logo in grid lines

a podcast from radio

The client — Optimaal Talent — had found another really cool way to promote their new book. The authors were guests at a local but very known radio station called Radio Barendrecht. During the period of roughly two hours, the authors had the cool opportunity to talk about the book, answer questions and to give away signed examples to listeners. To live up to the full potential of audio based promotion, we couldn’t stay behind and not participate in one of the latest trends in this area: podcasts. After the show, we got several different raw audio files which we chronologically edited with intros, music and dialogs from the radio show. The show was in Dutch, have a listen!

Brand colours from images

challenge workbooks

As a follow up for the people that read the book and to give them something extra, the company wanted to launch a challenge where a select group of people could join for a week of tips and tricks, cool exercises and lessons. 
To take the experience of the participants to a high level, we designed the workbooks start to finish in the form of an editable PDF, so you can start you lesson or excercise direclty.

Brand art direction

160+ new graphics

During the period of creating all the material for the book and for promotion of the book, we triggered an extra wish or need at the side of the customer. They just went through a rebranding and the wish for more illustrations and graphics grew. 
At the start of this sub-project we first created a design system similar to that of the book illustrations. We then extended it with fonts, logo sizes, font sizes and more design directions. Optimaal Talent provided us with a large library of models and graphics in all kinds of colours and styles and so the challenge began to transfer that array of material in to the new brand style. 
In the end, we recreated more than 160 different graphics/models.  

Marketing: Google Banners

25+ education films

The wish for more material like the promotion films for the book arose at the side of the customer as well. For the past twenty years the company had been doing coaching and training sessions fysically, on location, face to face. In a world where the amount of online available knowledge and lessons grows every second, we couldn’t stay behind. The company’s goal is to open a world of online lessons and modules with a ton of very valuable content like small excersices, tips & tricks and… education films. And since we’ve done films in the past for them, this was another very big and fun project to do.

Mobile version of the webstie

During the project’s kick-off we came to the amount of twenty films and would later cross the twentyfive. All films would have different subjects and two categories: dialog films and demo films. We figured that the dialog films would be a sitting scene where the presenters would have a dialog of a short 10 minutes with three different camera’s. The concept of the demo video’s would be slightly different. For these kind of films, we rented a very burgundy house on an estate with plenty of room to layout items and models on the ground where the presenters would walk through and explain the theory. A difference with the dialog films, is that we only have one camera view in the demo films. The camera was hand-held with a gimbal and like this, we created a very dynamic and moving vibe in these films.
In the end, it turned out to be the best concept for these kind of video’s ever and we were all stunned by the final outcome.

Mobile version of the webstie

a word from...

With a lot of delight, we look back at the collaboration with Jimmy. Due to a visual change of our brand identity, it was necessary to also change our training models accordingly. It's impressive to see how Jimmy designed these models to an extend that they are usable both for our daily work and marketing purposes. For our e-learning modules, Jimmy filmed and edited our films on a professional level. This was a valuable addition to the e-learning modules which make the theory of the modules simple and unambiguous. During the project, Jimmy shared his thoughts very well. His ideas and advises were an eye-opener for us.

- Viktor, Stephen and Marjan (Team Optimaal Talent BV)