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about the founder

The name uniq.design was created by me, Jimmy. I’m the one that started creating websites from my passion to create beautiful things. I now run the company and hope to expend soon as well.


So this is me. Sitting on a rock in the beautiful Maltese Islands where I worked as a user experience designer for a few years. I’m an error-eagle, a selective perfectionist, an engaged listener and a source of unique ideas (mytalentbuilder.com). I have high intellectual and aesthetical drives and I’m precise, objective, introvert and task-oriented (discoveryourflow.nl).

Jimmy on a rock

founder and student

I'm currently studying Communication and Multimedia Design at The Hague University Of Applied Sciences with minors in entrepreneurship, psychology of change and internetmarketingtools. The student factor doesn't only apply on the fact that I'm on a school. I think humans should have a life full of learning.

Jimmy with a book

mejimmy portfolio

Dive deeper into information about me both professional and personal on my personal portfolio that I use during my period at the university with old cases, my photography grid and Spotify playlists.

Jimmy's personal portfolio